Dear Garry,

Earlier today (17/12/15) I had reason to call into your Jeep service
centre in Fifteenth Street to enquire about a warning light which had
recently illuminated on the dash of my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I spoke with the helpful staff who immediately spoke with a technician who attended to the issue without delay. The service technician also
dealt with another minor issue about some plastic engine cowling parts which was vibrating at speed.

The customer service I received today was exceptional and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff involved.

Stuart Taylor
Dear Jamie,

Ron and I recently purchased a Grand Cherokee through your dealership and we are taking this opportunity to provide our customer feedback.

We are from SA and were totally unfamiliar with the Davison Auto Group, however on researching deals online, we decided to approach you to see if you would be interested in offering a deal to tempt us not to travel onto Euchuca to make our purchase.

Within a very short time of sending our email we received a call from Zach Weight.

I have been in business majority of my working life (Ron and are now retired) and I will say that my BIGGEST beef in in the world today when spending money, is a lack of even good customer service.

Well Zach proved to both myself and Ron that your business is spot on.

We were so totally impressed right form the very beginning. He provided us with the absolute BEST customer service anyone could ask for, and not only to obtain the sale but even after the contract had been signed.
He is such an absolute asset to your team that we have been promoting him and your dealership to absolutely everyone we can.
Due to unexpected hospitilisation of my mother during this process, we asked for service re extras and pick up time etc etc that we actually didn’t believe he could deliver on.
Well not only did he deliver BUT in even less time than we asked….AND with such warmth, friendliness and professionalism that in one so young is so very rare.

Jamie, if I was still in business I would have worked my **** off to poach him from you, and THAT is a FACT!

I sincerely hope for all of you there that he is well valued, as he had us actually driving off in our new Jeep before 2 other dealerships even got back to us with an offer (and that is the truth!)

Look after him extremely well please because he absolutely deserves it from not only you Jamie, but also the business and all of his other team members.

Sonia and Ron Spurr - Tumby Bay SA
My husband and I purchased a Ford Territory about 3 or 4 weeks ago from Brodie and Steve.
We wish to let you know how impressed we were were with the attitude, knowledge, enthusiasm and competence of both Brodie and Steve.
We are very happy with the vehicle but more so we were very impressed with the way the vehicle was presented to us and the ease of the transaction. We are confident that any queries we have will be followed up and Davisons at 15th St. has now become our favourite car dealer in Mildura.Lyzette Chislett and Phil Steinberg
To the Manager,

I just wanted to make you aware, if you didn’t know, of the amazing service received over the last few days. I had a problem with my stereo and computer system, after trying to figure out why my rear speakers wouldn’t work. I detached the stereo system not knowing it contained security module. The service I received from the guy at the service desk was nothing but impeccable. I first dropped it in but to no avail, and knowing that I had a long drive to Queensland, the guy behind the desk, I forget his name, so he is now called “the guy behind the service desk”, he was very helpful in getting me in to have my car looked at. I dropped it back in today and your team was able to fix my car and get it back on the road. The reason I write this is because I didn’t get to thank the guy behind the service desk, if you could thank him for his service, that would be great,

Thanks again.

Travis Armener